About Us

Our company is here to make the lives of our new and existing customers easier by offering them price protection fixed rate electricity plans Contact us and let us find the solution for you.


  • We provide the fixed rate in the market.

  • Fixed Electricity Rate are available for immediate start and for future dated contracts.

  • There will be no Signup Fee.
  • Fixed Rate Plans are available for 12 Months, 24 Months and 36 Months.
  • Exceptional Customer Support.


Residential Energy

With more people being at home and working from home, we provide plans to ensure you receive the fixed residential electricity rate available in the market.

Easy Switching

By contacting us, we make it easy to switch electricity suppliers and make sure you have the fixed rate available. We have variable terms from 12 months to 36 months.

Commercial Energy

By understanding your business monthly usage, peak voltage along with load factor, we can design energy plan specific to your business.

Customer Support

When you call our Customer Service department we treat you like the VIP you are. We appreciate your business and we are here to answer your questions and solve your energy problems

Price Protection Rates

We want to make buying electricity easy. We will assist you in finding the best energy plan and supplier for your home and business.

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